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For the record, it hasn't all been about "ME" first / "Adventure FIRST!" There's been a little bit of thinking about
"the other guy" too, along the way. Inspired by people all around me as I grew up, and I grew up around real life action
adventure role models, adrenaline junkies, heroes, decorated veterans of conflicts on foreign shores, and stalwarts
dedicated to lives awash in community service - I came to know a brand of tenacity, courage and honor I could only
admire; only aspire to - but never attain in the full measure of the lifetimes of selfless giving by those who served as
my mentors, role models, teachers, joke tellers and heroes.  Still, I've dabbled in community service in one form or
another, so here's a tick list by way of backgrounding "Stovebolt" with the hope that if by some unpredictable mix
of circumstance, some young kid stumbles across this website and hasn't yet had his full taste of life and feels an
appetite for adventure, that he or she may take away some measure of temperance from the notion that, while fun is
great, adventure nearly divine, and wanderlust an act of combined inspiration and desperation - a call to service is
not a bad thing to hear, nor to follow. Many are called, but few are chosen......... At least help out your team mates, always.
Put some volunteer time into a good cause of your choosing, or maybe a cause will choose you. Whatever the case, listen
as much to your heart, and tune in to the spirit of things and of people, as much as you listen to the spirit on the wind,
calling you to distant places. Be the brighter sky over somebody else's otherwise dark day, and be the better for it.
If nothing else, you'll need the Karma at some point - perhaps at many points - along the uncertain miles of your
trails of adventure.

Community Service Training and Positions - Certifications are no longer current
  • Wilderness Volunteer Search & Rescue Team, Groton, New York - Navigator/Radio Operator, EMT, High Angle Crew
  • American Red Cross  - CPR, CPR Instructor, Vital Signs I & II, Advanced First Aid * Emergency Care
  • Empire Nine, NYS Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services - EMTBasic, AEMTII
  • Eisenhower College Emergency Response Team - EMT, Co-founder
  • North Seneca Ambulance - Member, EMT
  • Traumatic Shock, Triage and Technical Rescue - NYS Empire Nine CNYEMS
  • Cold Water Immersion, Drowning and Swiftwater Rescue - NYS Empire Nine CNYEMS
  • RIT Emergency Medical Unit - EMT
  • RIT Department of Campus Safety - Student Officer, SOIC
  • New York State Peace Officer Academy, Division of Criminal Justice Services, Bureau for Municipal Police - Graduate, tinned up                
  • Onondaga County Park Ranger Force - Sworn Peace Officer, SAR Coordinator
  • Explorer Post 261, Hiawatha Council BSA - OCPR Post Advisor (Held SAR trainings in land navigation and man tracking)
  • US Border Patrol - "Man tracking" for hostiles and friendlies
  • National Association for Search & Rescue - "Managing the Search Function" SAR Management seminar
  • Department of Public Safety, Colorado Bureau of Investigation - NCIC/CCIC Law Enforcement Terminal Operator (911 Dispatch)
  • Verbal Judo Institute, Dr. George J. Thompson - "Redirecting Behavior With Words"  training seminar for law enforcement
  • Garfield County SAR Team (Colorado) - Member, Search, Avalanche and High Angle

Sat in a classroom, went in the field, did practicals, passed some test

  • 4-H Tractor Safety Training
  • NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Hunter Safety Training
  • Some kind of snowmobile safety certificate from when I was about 12
  • High School grad, with an unexplainable interest in English. Basic Acting, Public Speaking, Oral Interpretation, Theatre History, British Literature, Creative Literature and Contemporary Lit rounded out the NYS Board of Regents courses of study. Back then, we had school. I don't know what they do today, and lacking offspring of my own, I am left to imagine, read about it, and listen to my friends who are rearing children. Buen Suerte.
  • BA, Environmental Studies - Eisenhower College of Rochester Institute of Technology
  • National Safety Council - Defensive Driving Course
  • "STAR" Basic Motorcycle Rider Course
  • "Citizens Academy" - Bellingham Police Department
  • "Client Records Management" - Colorado West Regional Mental Health Center
  • Avalanche Safety for Skiers and Climbers - White River National Forest
  • Avalanche Safety and Forecasting for Mountain Guides - American Avalanche Institute
  • Avalanche Safety for Snowmobilers - Gallatin National Forest Avalanche Center
  • Rock Climbing Guides Course (for commercial guides) - American Mountain Guides Association
  • Alpine Climbing Guides Course (for commercial guides) - American Mountain Guides Association
  • "Guides Training" (for commercial guides) - American Alpine Institute
  • "Safe Handgun Competitor" Course (for entry level practical shooting competitors) - United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA)
  • Range Officer, Level 1 - National Range Officers Institute (referee standards training and certification)
  • Range Officer, Level 2 "Chief Range Officer" - NROI advanced training and certification
  • "Safe Handgun Competitor Instructor" - USPSA instructor training and certification to assist entry level shooters
  • Basic Pistol, Intermediate Pistol and Advanced Pistol ("250" / "350" / "499") - Gunsite Training Academy
  • Urban Carbine - Marksman's  Enterprises / Jim Crews
  • Handgun Instructor's Development Course - Pistol and Submachine-gun instructor training and hiring tryout - Front Sight
  • Glock Armorer Level 1 - Glock USA
  • DOS, WinWord, Lotus, Computer-enabled Communications, Excel - Short course work in computers; some college level, most not
  • Hard Knocks - no sheepskin but a nice collection of crutches, braces and surgical videos........

  • Alpine Equipment "Tested and Recommended for the American Alpine Institute - 1991" Co-writer with Mark Houston
  • Slash Treatment Feasibility Report (On the Use of a Tub Grinder in Teton County Wyoming) - 2005
  • Above Average Joe - A Love Story (unpublished) A fact-based work of fiction centering on contemporary American Law Enforcement
  • On Laughter-Silvered Wings - A website tribute to Deputy Joseph W. Jankowsky, Onondaga County Sheriff's Department
  • = this place here
  • Some Christmas cards - some have wept; of course I've sent them to some sensitive folks on purpose, just to make them cry...
  • The Teton Tattler - a casual semi-annual family style newsletter that let me play with MSPublisher and learn the software and spin yarns
  • My book - won't reveal the title in this space, but I'm going after a publish-on-demand venture with XLibris on an anthology of adventure tales...

Work History - Curricula Vitae
(You didn't think I was posting that here did ya? If I had a real CV, I'd be somewhere else, doing something else, other than writing my book.) Still, even lacking the erudition necessary to bang out a blockbuster of epic proportions, I enjoy writing and always have. Writing is almost as much fun as creating the inspiration to pen the tale by following a busted compass through life and down the trail. (Ooops - a near miss on that accidental rhyme - hang around long enough and I'll bop you over the head with a Haiku, or maybe a bucketload of iambic pentameter.) You'll wish your Father had never met your Mother at that point, and you'd better be squared away in your FULL BATTLE RATTLE. Peace Out.

If you shoot me an e-mail with a specific line of interest in my background, I'll shoot you a resume. Basically, I'm qualified to write a book, or two. Maybe no more than that at the end of the day. At least this is part of what I've concluded after looking for real work in the Tetons for the past 14 ye
ars.... I've lived and worked in the mountains and roamed the hills, deserts, cliffs and beaches for the adventure - not to be crowned King of the Cube Farm. 

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