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 "Buzz-Bomb Cradle"

 "Pigpen" from Adventure Rider writes,

Concealex 60CSX case


Excellent product! Had some problems getting the unit delivered, but that was the Postal Service!
Stovebolt shipped it next day air UPS so I could use the unit in Death Valley! He trusted me to get him the funds, for the UPS fee and it arrived the day befor my trip! Thanks Stovey!

If your thinking of using any mounting system to mount a 60 series Garmin, get this case! It works incredibly well! It survived 1200 miles of insane DV riding! We had numerous product failures on the bikes. Aux tanks cracking, lost lights, missing horns, broken racks, broken skidplates,etc, etc.

The nicest feature of the concealex case: Take the GPS off the bike, with the case attached, and drop the unit in the gravel! Duh! The garmin is still protected! Try that withe the TT or other plastic mounts, its not going to happen! Easy to keep the unit inside the tent, hotel etc. The ram mount take all of ten seconds to undo! Take it inside for lunch! Set up the route plan for the after noon instead of the hot sun!

Thanks for such a great product! I only have a small pic w/ the unit mounted! Good pic of the bike! not so good of the product! I'll post a few pic in the next few days!

(Spooky510 writes,)

This community rocks! From just a few pms from Stovey I know that I've found a great place to make friends, learn, enjoy, and ride.
I can't wait to sport his cradle when I get back from the Sandbox. Only one more month to go.
I'm really looking forward to hopefully riding with you guys if I get the chance. I'll be pimping the cradle as soon as I can.

Thanks again, Stovey! Total stand up guy.


 (Bobzilla writes,) 78 mount.......THE SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

Holy shit this thing is a work of art. You really know you stuff Stovey.
Pic to follow but I got to work right now. You have saved a trip for three of us with your expedited development.
I am sure the wreck that breaks this mount and GPS will put me out of riding. BULLETPROOF!!!!!!!
fit and finish ......perfect
PS forget the 62 series to update you 60csx , go for the marine 78 unit and still keep the robust power cord you have come to love on the V and 60 series' we now have a bombproof cradle


 An independent product review by Forums, Rich Owings:

A new type of GPS mount

"I received an email a couple of weeks ago from a fellow in Idaho who hand manufactures a new style of mount for the Garmin 60 series. It looked interesting enough that I agreed to test it out, and I came away pretty impressed.

Made from Concealex (a modified form of Kydex), the mount seems very rugged, and doesn’t appear to block GPS signals, allowing the unit to be almost completely enclosed. Dave Jankowsky, creator of the mount, has dubbed it the Buzz Bomb Cradle. You need to use a RAM diamond mount with it; I used the RAP-274U.

This is the best 60 series mount I’ve seen. Garmin’s official mount doesn’t seem to secure the unit that well, while the RAM cradle can (if you’re not careful) chew up the rubber base of the device over time. The only downside is price – the Buzz Bomb Cradle runs $75. I’m hoping that Dave will expand the product line and get the price down over time.

While the picture above shows 19’ accuracy for the 60CSx and 35’ for the Oregon 450, the units were generally pretty close in reported accuracy in my test.

I’ve posted some more pics below. You can see that there are cut outs for the ports on the back. Basically, you lay the unit in the cradle, place the top piece on it, and then slide the rails in place. They secure it extremely well; I can’t imagine them vibrating off. If you want more info, there’s a thread on it over at"


(Beginning of commercial thread on Adventure Rider:)

As users of the 60-series GPS series are probably aware, there are cradle mounting options from RAM and TOURATECH, and either of those cradles may serve. Some users, myself included, have noticed that while the RAM mounting system is a great system - at least it is in my opinion, that the cradles themselves can leave a little to be desired. So, I went ahead and made my own to keep the pesky GPS unit attached to my cockpit. Long story abbreviated, I made a few for some friends going off-road to Baja last March, and they reported that they were an improvement over the RAM cradles, certainly in terms of performance - no more premature ejections.... as it were, so to speak. These were one-offs I made with Berg Briggs in his shop and used a one-piece clamshell design of Kydex material, and retained the standard RAM ball/diamond mount system. They work great, but are in my opinion, a bit on the ugly side.

A year later, and I've picked up with the effort at the encouragement of some users and others, and revisited the cradles and redoubled my efforts to improve them and offer some of them for sale. Each one is made by me by hand using Kydex or Concealex materials, tools I have fabricated from scratch, and they take me a bit of time for each one. I haven't tooled for mass production and I do this more or less as a kitchen table home occupation effort.

Anyway, since my business consists of me, the sole proprietor and some tools and plastic and effort, this ad falls right in line with that.

*If anybody wants a cradle, I'll sell you one for $75 and mail it to you CONUS USPS.  Does not include RAM ball/diamond mount - you can buy those directly from RAM if you don't already have one.
Fit and finish is improving as time goes on and I get better at it, and there is still room for improvement. They look like they've been made on some guys' kitchen table. They have. But, they absolutely work, they keep your GPS mounted to the RAM system perfectly, they allow for bike-power access through the power port in the back and are reasonably workable to deal and fidget with. Hand fitting and finishing of the closure wings and clips gets me away from using any hardware like I used on my first tries - which worked, but this is better - and the fit is friction tight and compression from the closure wings of the two piece top and bottom locks the unit in place. There's also a fair bit of impact protection for the entire GPS, and especially for the antenna. The old design I did only protected the back half of the antenna.

The power on/off button area is relieved for bare-handed access and the other GPS control buttons are easily navigable with a gloved hand. I've tested these new-improved cradles on my snowmobile on clapped-out trails in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and Nevada and I really like it. What guarantee can you expect from Home-Handyman-Built-in-his-own-garage-guy-posting-on-the-forum?  It's just me posting with pics and a price. If you want one and buy it and don't like it, I guess I should take it back and send you a check back for what you paid me for it. I don't take PayPal or credit cards. I'm sure I'll continue learning through this experience, I just hope it's not all bad. I've learned a lot about working with these materials already, and I've enjoyed the process and have been encouraged by the fact that what I set out to do, make a solid 60-series cradle, has been successful.

And at least I got one for me that works and is bomb-proof. "Doh..."

I call it the "Buzz Bomb Cradle" because it's a Team Ruptured Buzzard effort. I hope the cradles are as good and catchy as the name - or actually, better.

Criticisms of the product are welcomed and invited. (RAM ball/diamond mount not included, but I send a pre-drilled reinforcement insert with two bolts and locknuts for mounting to the standard RAM ball/diamond.)


Dave Jankowsky
aka "Stovebolt"
Victor, Idaho

I work with KYDEX, CONCEALEX and HOLSTEX plastic materials and have had great luck with all of them. The colors I order and use regularly are BLACK and CARBON FIBER look-alikes and they vary in terms of actual color comparisons to real CARBON FIBER. (I don't use or work with real CARBON FIBER.) Ordering is via e-mail to me at:

if you are interested in getting one, and I'll respond with a status and eta if I happen to be in between runs.

and/or see the commercial thread on Adventure Rider forums here:

and/or see the commercial thread on Ride Dual Sport forums here:

Carbon KYDEX (New color In stock - check for cradle availability in this material and color)

Current lineup in Carbon Holstex material. Garmin Montana and 60Csx on top. Gen2 and Gen1 SPOTS on the bottom.

Garmin Montana added September 2012. 60Csx on the left. Both in new Carbon HOLSTEX.

Montana in Carbon HOLSTEX

Montana and a Gen1 SPOT

Montana and a 60Csx

60Csx and a Gen1 SPOT

Montana and a Gen2 SPOT

Garmin Montana. Pass-through ports relieved for mini-USB power/data, and the 5mp camera.

Gen1 and Gen2 SPOT devices. (Gen2 SPOT devices MUST have both safety covers removed prior to installation into one of the Buzz-Bomb Cradles.  This is a condition of use of my cradle.)

Carbon Kydex is the light gray flecked, seen in comparison next to the black.

60Csx in Carbon Kydex. Material is discontinued but I have a limited number on hand in this material and color.

Cradles now available for the Garmin 60 & 78 Series, and Garmin Montana. Now also available for both Gen1 and Gen2 SPOTs.  Check available colors at time of order. Carbon HOLSTEX is the new material and color offering, which has a very close look and finish to carbon fiber, but it's a polymer material.

Garmin 78 on the left. Garmin 60CSx on the right.

Garmin 78.  ("CONCEALEX" pictured is no longer availble)



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