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Things that are way beyond the reach of your average breath mint.........

"Stovey" seconds "The University Wall" on the Squamish Chief in British Columbia. Grade V, 5.12d, A3     Steve Young leading, all 3 days on the wall.

Stovey squeezes the flipper on the 2007 Arctic Cat M8 up in Island Park, Idaho. 145 horsepower, fuel-injected nightmare with a
naughehyde volcanoe on the seat, a lump in the throat and a beak pulled so far back inside the helmet it makes your pants turn brown.

Stovey massaging the trigger on a donated Heckler & Koch (pronounced "Coke") MP5 9mm submachine-gun at Gunsite Academy. It was a reward for winning the class shoot-off during the last day of an advanced handgun course of instruction in the finer arts of gentlemanly defense. "Never Give Up"


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Adventure Motorcycle Travel Books
by Sam Manicom

‘One of the best story tellers of adventure in the world today’

Side Stand Up Radio – USA

           Cain Fisher at Trail Jammer Designs makes a great case saver for your late model KTM
                                         and Yamaha off-road race bikes. Check  him out and tell him "Stovey" sent you.

       Buy your Fiat from the Vegas Fiat Girl!      

If you don't have a Tugger, you are at a disadvantage!  Our Tuggers have been used at Erzberg, Paris-Dakar, Last Man Standing, 24 Hours of Glen Helen, the ISDE, Romaniacs, and by racers and trail riders all over the world.  The Tugger lift strap provides a convenient gripping point near the front or rear of your dirt bike. Most dirt bikes don't have a place to grab that won't toast your fingers or get your gloves all muddy. And sometimes you need to grab your bike in a hurry! No more groping for a place to grab—the Tugger is ready when you need it and stays out of the way when you don't. You will appreciate the Tugger™ on the trail when you need to maneuver it over a rock, around a tight switchback or get it out of a deep rut,and even just moving your bike around in the garage.   After riding with the Tugger™, you'll never want to ride without one again.  There are four styles of Tuggers available - download our application chart (Excel)  or application chart (.pdf file) to check which style you need.  Email us if you have questions.  Lost a part?  Check our our replacement parts page. Looking for a bargain?  Check out our discount page.

Stovey is proud to endorse KLIM for their outstanding products and excellent
customer service as a newly sponsored rider! Many thanks to Mark Kincart and
the entire team at KLIM for their generosity and support...   SALUTE!

Go to Horizons Unlimited, the website that's all about motorcycle travel. Travellers Community, Bike Travel information on the Bulletin Board, free Monthly Motorcycle Travel E-zine, Travellers' Stories, and plenty of tips and info!


Support Jupiter's Travelers


From the Cyclops website:

"Cyclops Motorsports launched a new website offering lights, stators, cameras, electrical accessories, rider accessories and snowmobile products. The site has a wealth of new features designed to make it fast and easy to find and purchase products. The new Cyclops website also features a Community section designed for motor sports enthusiasts. It includes a forum, news, videos, and pro reviews."   

For technical support for Cyclops products Or questions and sales support, please call 1.800.624-0278  Or email

Monday through Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM PST.


Jet Pack is here:    
Really fantastic technical climbing pack that is extremely well suited to hardcore adventure riding and technical motorcycle riding. Used by Stovey from Baja to British Colombia and every place in between for 25 years and over 30,000 miles! (Also climbed, skied and snowmobiled for many thousands of vertical feet with this pack. It's awesome and bombproof. Tell them "Stovey" sent ya.....

Absolutely STUNNING artwork by my friend Sarah Bishop in Austin, Texas!

Sarah has also published a beautiful color book for the finest coffee tables which illustrates her (and her husband's) work on a construction project in Dell City, Texas on the New Mexico borderlands. Tremendous!


Please Support the Wounded Warrior Project

Most Wanted Performance


If you own or plan to own a late model Polaris Mountain Sled, you need to be visiting this website and gaining the benefits of the background and tech from these dudes in Jackson Hole, Wyoming! Tell 'em "Stovey" sent ya. Then run for your life....

Expedition forums

Highway Dirtbikes Products by Paul Degarate in Colorado

Click on book cover to purchase Mike's book on Amazon!

(Also available in digital for your e-reader, here -

Mike and Kim have made a habit of traveling the world on adventure motorcycles. From the wilds of Alaska to the tip of South America, they've wandered along gravel and paved roads taking in all that they see and making it their mission to learn about the people of the world. On this adventure, they each rent BMW motorcycles in Spain to wander discover Europe for themselves. Traveling through Spain, France, Andorra, Switzerland and Italy, they travel over tiny single lane roads, over mountains and alongside raging rivers to visit tiny towns, meet the locals and take in some of the world's most spectacular scenery. With no planned route, they are free to wander and discover what different cultures are all about. Along the way, through their adventures they learn about the people of Europe and more than a little about themselves. Take the handlebars, push the starter button, shift into first gear and seize the the opportunity to wander with them. You don't know where you'll end up on this ride. By the time you have finished this journey, you will understand why the saying "Not All Wanderers Are Lost" is true. Come and join Mike and Kim and ride to adventure.

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