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Rally on...                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
Welcome to the Busted Compass, come and sit around our campfire for awhile. Take off your warpaint and bench race with us under the stars. It's been a long day, hot and dusty, perhaps muddy and rutty too - but now's a good time to just pull up and relax, and swap tales of adventure. We may not be getting any younger, but they haven't thrown dirt over ME yet - not for keepsies anyway. And I have seen more than one old buzzard get up from underneath a mushroom cloud when it seemed like he could be going down for a Dirt Nap.  There are no easy miles off-road, and if there were, then all the weiners would want to do it. No Squids - Happy Raids... and   NEVER GIVE UP.


Learn about GPS Navigation from my friend TRZCharlie on Adventure Rider here:

Thanks, Charlie!   Awesome....

photo by Marshal Bird

photo by Marshal Bird

Berg and "JWats" riding with their tails on fire - inbound to San Francisquito, Baja California Norte on the Sea of Cortez.

photo by Marshal Bird

photo by Berg Briggs

photo by Jay Cunnigan

photo by Marshal Bird

photo by Marshal Bird

Meet "The Buzzards."  When you wake up in the middle of the night and you are absolutely CERTAIN you simply have to cross that desert, navigate that rock garden, circumnavigate the Tetons, crawl through a minefield or storm a fortress - these are the kind of people you want to say "YES" when you are pleading for some fool to contemplate joining you.
Jimmy "Crane-Nutts"         Eric "Steiner"           Johnny "Team Swine"               Berg                 Brents
Dave "Stovebolt"               Brad                        Joe "JWats"        Wyman           Shannon           Rohn
Randy "Fast Randy"         "Don"                       Drew                  Dorothy           Travis               Joe
Craig                                  Ben                         "other"  Randy    Kelly                Linus                Steve
Lincoln                               Dale                         Doug                  "Mike"                Keith               Shane
Tim                                     Brian                       Nick                    Jay "Jaybone"   Andy              "J.R."
Derek                                 Tye                         "Mike"                  Steve              Richard             Mike           
"other Joe"                         Lanny                     Hans                   Doug               Dale
Herm                                  "The A-Rab"           Trevor                 Robert             Dave
Byron                                 Yoshi                      Danny                Zeke                Geff

Raids of the Ruptured Buzzards

  • International One-Day Manlius-to-Hell-and-Gone Ruptured Buzzard Enduro, ca. 1975

  • Snow Buzzards

Follow my friend Kurt (Genghis9021 on Adv Rider) across Siberia on his 7,000-mile solo
motorcycle sojourn!

His blog is here:
ThisaThataway Tour

To Soar Like a Buzzard         A Buzzard was heard to say...
Where Buzzards Dare                                          (Quotes from erudite beaks)
The Buzzard Has Landed
What Do Buzzards Eat?
The Circling Buzzard



Track Stovey and other Buzzards in real time mins 10 minutes with SPOTcasting! Click image below to follow fresh tracks with the SPOT Satellite MEssenger / Tracker...

And, click on this to view past Adventures saved in Team Ruptured Buzzard SPOT Adventures Archives, with maps and pics.

What's Stovey's schedule look like?          

Look for Stovey out on the trail and at ADVRider events, dualsport rides and elsewhere during the upcoming 2011 riding season. If you see my logo, honk, beep, throw a rock -give me a roost, just say "HI!" I'll be out there....

2016? - If it's at all possible, Stovey wants to take a whack at the TOUREG RALLY in North Africa, and compete in Tunisia. Raiding across the Sahara would be a dream come true. On the "dream list" until further notice...

David Jankowsky

Sole Proprietor, Manufacturer, Writer, Author - April, 2015

Deep in the heart of nowhere, just outside the back of beyond...

I just returned from a 3,000-mile trip with my dirt bike hanging off the rear bumper of the Mighty Dodge. Centered in New Mexico and with a focus on visiting and documenting sites of interest to adventure riders in general and armchair spook stories in particular, the project has been in the works for two years as of the time of departure. While this trip had sites of interest identified as “interesting” for one reason or another, it was only the New Mexico sites that had my undivided attention for the past 8 days. Another 16 sites remain to be visited, or revisited, to complete the final phases of documenting the experiences of going to hard-to-get-to, out of the way, forbidden, or otherwise not- likely-to- be-discovered places that lie mostly in the remote hinterlands of the western and southwestern United States.


This last week found me riding my (street legal) off-road motorcycle en route to the Very Large Array to the west of Magdalena. I also visited the Lonnie Zamora landing zone and commemorative location in Socorro, a place said to mark the spot where on April 24th, 1964, Police Officer Zamora personally witnessed an air vehicle of some unknown type on the ground in an arroyo. He claimed to have witnessed occupants of the vehicle get inside the ship and watched it take off and fly away. It was a case that turned Dr. J. Allen Hynek, professional debunker for the United States Air Force and a skeptic, into a bona fide open-minded scientific investigator for the rest of his life.


It was my good fortune to be able to meet with and interview two men who personally stood guard around the site in order to establish a perimeter in support of the USAF investigation. These were among five men I was able to meet last week in Socorro who were all members of the 259th Military Police Company, Stallion Range Center, United States 5th Army, stationed together at White Sands Missile Base from 1963-1965. They were there celebrating their 50th reunion during the annual public open house to the Trinity Bomb Site located within the restricted confines of White Sands Missile Range. My plan to be there for the open house at Trinity came to fruition as well, and it was a stunning adventure riding my bike across such highly restricted ground.


I also visited two of the three (four?) purported crash sites of an extraterrestrial vehicle outside of Roswell. My research came in handy during the navigation to find both the Ragsdale crash site near Arabella as well as the site commonly known as “the debris field” on the former Foster Ranch where rancher Mac Brazel found “something” and reported his findings to authorities. According to my research it was a decision, although properly grounded and righteously performed by Mr. Brazel, that he came to regret for the rest of his life. The Corn Hub Ranch site is purportedly no longer open to the public for viewing, which was not a disappointment in my travels.


My trip took me to the National Space History Museum in Alamagordo as well – a place I can highly recommend for the space enthusiast in all of us. It was no navigational challenge to locate, and in fact they even encourage visitation by inviting people to come in and take a look around.


Not so for most of the places I am visiting, researching and circumnavigating during the course of my project. For example, I left America for a few days in order to visit the controversial site entirely within the confines of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, and was on foreign soil for the duration of this site visit and interviews. First Nations reservations are sovereign nations – some more so than others in terms of how they establish themselves in each different native community. The Jicarilla Apache leave no question in your mind about how they view their sovereignty during the course of official interactions with the tribal council, law enforcement officers and the Game and Fish Department. I came away from an in-depth visit with great respect for the way they handled my requests, answered my questions, performed my escorts and assisted me in my efforts.


I also learned much from listening to locals and officials concerning the history of the infamous Archuleta Mesa to the north of town. It was a thrill to receive permission and an escort to visit the mesa, and to ride my dirt bike across the top of it as a sanctioned visitor to this area – very rarely visited by Anglos. Do not attempt this without making formal contact and receiving official permission from the tribe. A person who does this risks all.


In all, I traveled nearly 3,000 miles in my truck and on the bike after launching two wheels from campsites staked in the vicinity of each place of interest. I logged nearly 90GB of video and captured more than 800 still photographs to go along with my interviews that tallied about 11 hours. I made invaluable contacts for future reference and made inroads toward making previously locked gates become unlocked for me as part of this project. Hard work, months of research, hours of planning and navigation scoping won me an opportunity for serendipity to knock on my door – and knock it did! I can’t believe my good luck on this trip. Mission accomplished – expectations exceeded!


More sites ahead on my radar screen as I take to the field during the Spring and Summer of 2015 in Idaho and Utah. Fall, winter and spring will find me again in New Mexico, as well as back in Nevada and in Colorado before going into production on this next book project and the DVD. Take-home message would be to pursue your dreams, attack the goals. I haven't let time and circumstance knock me out of my own game - adventure, travel and off-road motorcycling.

Go get some...

January  -  Mojave Mayhem      Crossing the Mojave Preserve on the Old Government Trail to Death Valley
February  - Flipper squeezing in the Tetons... snowmobiling through area cornices on a fuel injected porpoise
March  -  Bike refurbish for upcoming season, cabin sequester for "Legends" ride planning in the Fall
April  -  Skiing from the awakening grizzlies at the Lucky Dog.  Offroad breakouts in Wyoming and Montana
May  -  Red Desert and foothills of the Wind River Range. Lucky Dog kiosk embellishments.
June  -  Video Teton cirumnavigation. Annual IFTMA Fun Enduro. Guests in Cabin.
July  -  LOF5 pre-ride Centennial connections. Complete construction of "Cafe Buzzard..." Guests in cabin.
August  -  LOF5 final route completion. Guests in cabin.
September  -  "5th Annual Legends of the Fall Team Ruptured Buzzard Rally Raid, MT1k" 9/7 - 9/15
October  -  Nevada
November  -  Moab
December  -  California

January - Moab - Arches and Canyonlands
February - Sledding! Finalize manuscript. New product development.
March - Red Desert Raiding, Grand Canyon, Grand Staircase/Escalante, Box Death Hollow, Capital Reef, Flaming Gorge
April - The Big Sandy
May - Finalize manuscript
June - Begin weekly Teton circumnavigations, IFTMA Annual Fun Enduro
July - KLIM Rally, Host guests near Yellowstone
August - Bugouts in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana
September - Publish "Best of Team Ruptured Buzzard Rally Raids!"
October - 4th Annual Legends of the Fall Trans-Nevada Cactus Slash and Badger Bash Rachel to Rachel Rally Raid!
November - Moab
December - Yellowstone and Texas! "Big Ultimate Terlingua Tour" in Big Bend Ranch State Park

January / February = Sledding season, ride that sleigh like he stole it! Tetons and Island Park
March = Hand and wrist reconstruction surgery.... uh-oh
March / April / May = Convalesce, second surgery, rehab. Rebuild wrist and bike for 2011
May = Back to work! Host out-of-towners, finish writing projects. Buff out 450 Six Days... purrrrr....
June = Central America for 2 weeks. On a beach with Dorothy for 25th wedding anniversary
July = Work! Montana 1000 and West Fest
August = Teton circumnavigations. Host Australian Adventure Rider(s)
September = Hahn Town Site campout and off-road blitzkreig, Idaho
October = 3rd Annual Legends of the Fall Trans-Nevada Area 51 Circumnavigation and SLAC Wrist Revenge Rally Raid
November = Moab
December = Prep for 35-Year Racer Reunion of Team Ruptured Buzzard in Hatfield-McCoy

January - April
= Sledding season, skiing and riding in the Tetons and Island Park
May = Tetons, Island Park, Red Desert of Wyoming, Flattops in Colorado
June = NJ, MD and DE and more in Idaho
July = Montana 1000 Rally and West Fest
August = World of Speed in Bonneville with Team Bullet, LSR Warrior Pits
September = New York
October = The 2nd Annual Legends of the Fall Trans-Nevada Whore house Hare & Hound Dual Sport to Area 51 for No Wimps Rally Raid

November = Moab
December = Prep for Baja
                                                                                                                              Keith ambles over Beartooth Pass on a Summer Day
   Jorge Sandez aka "Coco"               "Mike," "Mike," "Mike," "Mike," & "Mike"        (photo by Richard)                                                                

Sponsored by  "Captain Fur-illo"

Team Ruptured Buzzard is accepting offers for sponsorship in order to further our adventurous exploits worldwide. We already have a great start by my dog, but the following is a partial list of preferred sponsors yet to be on board. Again, the following organizations have not yet offered support, but either FULL or COMPLETE sponsorships, donations and salaries would be considered. TRB preferred sponsor organizations are as follows, in no particular order:

KTM                                  Garmin                       Rice & Beans            National Geographic Society                                 Ford Foundation   Husaberg                           Pizza Hut                   Cabelas                        The Weather Channel         Smith & Wesson         NASA
Oakley                              Speedo                       Santa Claus
Mexican Federal Police Force   No Fear                Coca Cola
Jet Propulsion Laboratory    Taco Bell                    New York City
Internal Revenue Service      The Bellagio               Cornell
American Motorcycle Assn. Disneyland                 The KGB
Alpinestars                         Honda                        Motorex
Daimler Chrysler                 NASCAR                    Aerosmith
Rocky Mountain ATV          Mensa                        Snoopy's Bar
Cousteau Society               Arai                            FBI
Bigfoot                               Gatorade                    Rand McNally
Delta Force                        Nikon                                 Tide
20th Century Fox                Pennzoil                     Wall Street
US Mint                             Harvey Keitel              Google                      Your Sister         Area 51
Any Orthopedic Surgeon     Viagra                        NAACP                     Arctic Cat           Bacardi
Moonlight Bunny Ranch      Depends                     Peace Corps             Dr. Pepper          US Customs
Johnson & Johnson            Heather Locklear
The Bondurant School of High Performance Driving  Centrum 50
               Fruit of the Loom   Hooters
Cirque du Soleil                  Sierra Club
                  Bill's Cycle Shop       SeaWorld           Your other sister

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Rich Owings  

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